Calories in Emu

Calories in Emu

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Calories in Emu

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Emu Calories and Macronutrients

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Total Fat
Sat. Fat
Emu, fan fillet, cooked, broiled6060123.19.12.3
Emu, fan fillet, raw5280115.44.11
Emu, flat fillet, raw1 flat fillet361078.82.60.7
Emu, full rump, cooked, broiled833016713.34.3
Emu, full rump, raw1 full rump7780158.611.44.7
Emu, ground, cooked, pan-broiled178031.15.11.4
Emu, ground, raw1 patty157026.64.71.2
Emu, inside drum, raw1 inside drum6180127.18.53.3
Emu, inside drums, cooked, broiled6500134.88.42.7
Emu, outside drum, raw1 outside drum435097.420.5
Emu, oyster, raw1 steak422068.314.63.7
Emu, top loin, cooked, broiled3710717.61.9

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